Kylie’s 3rd Birthday Party.


Well, my oldest is now 3. I don’t think I can put into words how I feel. I don’t feel like the time has “gone by fast.” I also don’t feel likFeatured imagee it went by very slow, either. However, after everyone had left the party, Kylie and I were snuggled up on the recliner and I felt like I was smacked in the heart. I mean, like someone hit me right in the feels with a sledgehammer. She talkS so well. She said thank you and that she had so much fun for her birthday. It hit me that she won’t always be this little girl. Someday she is going to be a teenager. She will slam her door (I will get after her for that), and tell me I don’t understand her. Then I will probably ground her. She will push me away, and maybe not intentionally, but there will come a point where she will want her own space. She will choose spending time with her friends over me. She won’t be this little person forever. This little person that I love to smother with hugs and kisses. This little person who LETS me smother her with hugs and kisses. So I am going to make each and every moment as special as I can.
For MONTHS she has wanted a Little Mermaid themed birthday party. MONTHS. How can someone who is not even three yet remember that for months? So, of course, I was searching on pinterest for the best ideas that I could do. I searched and searched everywhere for a cake (or cupcakes) that I wanted for her. None of them looked that great to me. I have made each cake since she turned 1. I was still debating on if I should just have one made, or        if I should make it myself. Then I finaly came accross a cake I saw worthy for my soon to be 3 year old. (Haha, like she would even care later on in life, right? It’s all about playing with friends at this age, not the cake. Nonetheless, I had finally found the cake!) So I decided I would make it myself. For not being a professional, I feel as if I did an ok job. It’s not like I had all the tools, but Kylie loved the cake, and that was all that mattered to me.


I also did a small amount of crafting. I made little “treasures” for her. Just some little glass containers filled with pearls and buttons. I had two more left, and Kylie says, “Mom! We need to put treasures in here!.” I asked her what treasures she had. She thinks for a moment and finally says, “oh! I know! My crayons!” So we made more treasures with her crayons. birthday6

For the back drop, I just did some light blue streamers as “water,” and some green ones as “seaweed.” I even added a purple jellyfish! Pretty easy stuff! And simple! birthday4

For the food, we kept that all pretty simple, too. Fruits, veggies, and fish sticks.


Drinks, water and Paula Deens Lime Sherbet Punch. It was delicious!

I also made little goody buckets. They incleded a Little Mermaid cup, sunglasses, bubbles, ring pop, and Little Mermaid tattoos. I got all that from Party City, along with most of my decorations.birthday5

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Kylie loved playing with her friends and eating cake.

What ideas would you have added?


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